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Tulane School of Architecture (TuSA) is open, post-Hurricane Ida with in-person instruction. For more information about Tulane's response and reopening, visit the university's Forward TUgether website. TuSA students should check their emails for important reminders and instructions.

Architecture Student Government (ASG)

Architecture Student Government is an organization comprised and representative of the entire architecture student body, funded by the larger governing body USG. ASG's role is to organize and empower the student body of TSA in the spirit of responsibility to ourselves, the community and the public, cooperation amongst our colleagues and concern for the built environment as a whole. ASG is involved in organizing lectures and special events such as the Deisgn Symposium, TGIF, Beaux Arts Ball and the annual Student + Faculty Gallery and Auction.

ASG is made up of an executive board (president, vice presidenttreasurersecretary and senator to Undergraduate Student Government) and class representatives from each year. General elections are held in the spring semester and elections for First Year Representative occur at the beginning of the fall semester. 

Current President: Ethan Lewis, elewis7@tulane.edu.

Tulane School of Architecture Graduate Government (TSAGG)

The Tulane School of Architecture Graduate Government is an organization committed to the strengthening of the graduate student community. Its main purpose is to facilitate a relationship between graduate students, faculty, the administration, the university, alumni, professionals and the community at large. Additionally, TSAGG is equipped to further empower the graduate body and provides the resources needed to reach their greatest creative potential.

The funding of Student Initiated Projects (SIPs) is one tool TSAGG utilizes to meet this goal. Any graduate student can prepare a proposal to improve something at the School of Architecture and present it to the government. One recent example of this is the graduate work publication, "Recto Verso," the publishing of which is funded by TSAGG. 

Finally, TSAGG has a limited but important role in helping put on the Graduate Colloquium. Though there is a separate committee dedicated to the organization and execution of the colloquium, TSAGG is a major partner in funding it. TSAGG hosts a social gathering for graduate students and visiting prospective graduate students during the colloquium weekend to help prospective graduates get a better, more personal sense of what attending the Tulane School of Architecture is like. 

Current President: Ellen Feringa, eferinga@tulane.edu.

American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) 

The Tulane chapter American Institute of Architecture Students is an active student organization focused on programs benefiting students in their professional development. AIAS organizes professional and social programs and events that bring together students, local professionals and the American Institute of Architects New Orleans chapter.

Current President: Ethan Lewis, elewis7@tulane.edu.

Alpha Rho Chi (APX)

Alpha Rho Chi is a professional, co-educational fraternity dedicated to the enhancement of the art, profession and understanding of architecture, the built environment and the allied arts. Founded in 1914, it continues to be the only professionally-oriented fraternity dedicated to not only networking, but also to fellowship and mentoring within the field. Represented by the Hadrian Chapter at Tulane, the chapter offers students valuable opportunities to interact with students from across the nation and around the world. Interested members may rush in the fall and pledge in the spring. Membership is open to all students with passion for the field of architecture.

Current President: Eva Poon, epoon@tulane.edu.

National Organization of Minority Architecture Students (NOMAS)

The National Organization of Minority Architecture Students is a student organization that aims to foster communication among students of all  ethnicities, backgrounds, and cultures through the arts and design with the intention of using our skills to give positive contributions back to the community.

Current Presidents: Valentina Mancera, vmancera@tulane.edu, & Josiah Ramirez, jramirez2@tulane.edu.

Tau Sigma Delta Honor Society

Tau Sigma Delta is a national honors society in architecture and allied arts open to fourth and fifth year students. Membership is based on scholarship, leadership, character, and creative ability. The Tulane chapter of Tau Sigma Delta is the continuation of an earlier organization called the Gargoyle Society.

The Charrette

Every year The Charrette seeks to explore representation, interactive installations, film, and other aspects of design through architecture, art, and writing. The editorial staff is comprised of students from all years who foster a collaborative studio culture and a supportive artistic environment. The Charrette encourages students to step back from their desks and consider the ways in which an architectural education influences their perception of the world beyond architecture school. Work featured in The Charrette is by undergraduate and graduate students, along with some faculty, highlighting a variety of skills and interests. 

Current Presidents: Seth Laskin, slaskin@tulane.edu, & Connor Little, jlittle2@tulane.edu.

Tulane Women in Architecture (TWIA)

Tulane Women in Architecture is a student group that reflects the interests of women students in the School of Architecture and the greater body of women undergraduate students of Newcomb-Tulane, aiming to enhance not only their educational and professional experiences, but also the balance between their personal and professional lives. TWIA reflects women in the architectural community and the world they connect to.

Current President: Anna Deeg, adeeg@tulane.edu.