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The City I
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The City I and The City II, are the foundational courses for the Urban Studies Minor. In The City I, three broad, substantive themes are explored: (1) History and Morphology of Cities and City Systems; (2) Urban Ecology & Demographics; and (3) Urban Design/ Aesthetics/ Land Use /Planning. Attention is given to historically, geographically, and culturally diverse cases in order to provide a comparative framework and backdrop to contemporary practices. We study the city as an increasingly predominant locus of societal culture that both shapes—and is shaped by—human experience.

The pedagogical goals of the course include:

  • providing a broad survey-type introduction to Urban Studies
  • establishing a shared knowledge base vis-à-vis the urban experience: its history, forms, organization, institutions, and culture
  • advancing substantive knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of urbanization
  • fostering a critical understanding of the key processes of contemporary urban development and key questions that derive from it
  • exploring resources for conducting research in Urban Studies
  • cultivating development of individual intellectual agendas that will serve to organize and ground subsequent immersion in diverse individual academic pursuits pertaining to the urban setting, issues, and experience


This course is required for the Urban Studies Minor.  It is the same course as URST 2010.



Old Course Number: RBST 3010

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Urban Studies