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Tulane School of Architecture is currently closed due to the impacts of Hurricane Ida. Remote instruction will begin Sept. 13, 2021, and in-person instruction will resume on Sept. 27. For more information about Tulane's response and reopening, visit the university's Forward TUgether website.

Introduction to Real Estate Finance & Economics
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In this course, students will master basic concepts of finance (with a special focus on risk and time) that influence capital markets, the decisions of lenders and investors, and deal feasibility. They will learn about the financial dynamics of a real estate project; how income collected from operations, property operating expenses, funding sources and project costs interact together and influence one another.

While introducing students to real estate finance, the course  builds an understanding of financial terminology and key calculations that evaluate and determine the financial feasibility of a project and are used to analyse a real estate development opportunity.

As part of their preparation for the Fall curriculum, students will learn how to estimate all the costs associated with a real estate project to create a full financial model of a real estate development. They will also develop an understanding of how to organize and represent all financial aspects of a real estate projects’ development, operations and financing in Excel – to develop a pro-forma from scratch

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Real Estate Development - Graduate