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Preservation Thesis
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The Thesis for the MSP program is a major course within the MPS program since it calls upon most of what a student has learned during his or her graduate school experience. There is wide scope with regard to possible topic choices and the location of a thesis subject can be anywhere, although if your thesis is site-specific you must have some first hand knowledge of the place by the end of the preceding semester. The thesis topic must relate to the field of historic preservation and its contents should be based mostly on primary research. 

A summary description of your thesis topic including its title, a précis of the work’s scope and aims, a draft table of contents, a preliminary bibliography, a production schedule, and the names of your advisor(s) is due before the beginning of the second week in the semester. The Thesis is conducted under the direction of the MPS Program Director. The Director and any MPS faculty or outside advisors expect to be in regular communication with the student on updated plans for completion of periodic submissions in order to provide appropriate feedback and advice. You may have more than one TSA faculty member as your thesis advisor.

It is anticipated that most students will undertake their thesis course after completion of the first year’s course of study, typically in the fall of the second year. As of Fall 2011, students must register and pay for the thesis course and complete the thesis during the same semester in which the course is pursued. If for a very good reason, such as a documented medical emergency, the student cannot complete the thesis in one semester, special arrangements may be requested of the Director of the MPS program for a time extension of no more than one semester.

The submission date of the final draft of your thesis is on or before November 10 for the fall semester and March 20 for the spring semester. These dates allow time for revisions and other changes to the thesis. The final deadline for submission of the thesis is on December 1 in order to graduate in December and is April 20 for those graduating in May. The thesis for the MPS program should be a minimum of 100 pages long. Guidelines for thesis and practicum submissions are provided separately. 

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Preservation Studies