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Tulane School of Architecture (TuSA) is open, post-Hurricane Ida with in-person instruction. For more information about Tulane's response and reopening, visit the university's Forward TUgether website. TuSA students should check their emails for important reminders and instructions.

headshot of Dean Inaki Alday

Located in New Orleans, Tulane is the school that focuses on the most relevant problems of today and the very near future: how we are going to inhabit the planet in the next 20 to 30 years, and especially in the most vulnerable territories of the Mississippi delta and many other deltas, coastal and river areas in the world, where billions of people are currently living, and most of the food and other production happen. We have not only the opportunity but the obligation in leading how architecture is essential in front of climate change, coastal and riparian crisis, the process of urbanization of the planet under these circumstances, and the challenges for social and environmental justice. Every year, several thousands of people die in the world, some even in the US, due to floods. Not to mention the economic damage, often endured by the less privileged. We need to make serious changes in our buildings, our cities and our infrastructures. And that is only an example. This is a historic moment and place to become the architects that will design the urgent changes that the built environment needs.

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